Middleware for Act! by Swiftpage


For Act! by Swiftpage Version 2011 and beyond


Any Programmer can Develop Act! AddOns
Using Any known Programming Language

It makes Act! by Swiftpage the Only choice for a
CRM Solution for corporate data systems integration.



Middleware runs in tandem (transparently) with Act! using flat text files for instructions to export live data or to add or update records.



Endorsed by Bob Ogdon - Chairman & Founder of Swiftpage




Middleware for Act! by Swiftpage is 100% FREE

You can Distribute Middleware to your users or clients - Royalty Free.

No objects will be registered nor does it affect the Windows Registry

You can also use Middleware to LINK the Current Act! record to any data system - anywhere.

You only work with shared TEXT files in your favorite language.

Use Windows Notepad to see how EASY it is > Click Here 

Get Middleware for Act! by clicking here > Download


Middleware for Act! by Swiftpage invented by V8Software.com


Middleware for Act! by Swiftpage is a fresh, new and more versatile tool that totally improves the simplicity of MiddlewareSDK for Sage Act!