Middleware for Act! by Swiftpage


For Act! by Swiftpage Version 2011 and beyond


It really is almost magic!


Use your Windows Notepad to test Middleware  

First INSTALL Middleware and then Re-Open Act! so it runs.

Then just use Notepad to Open a file called:


Change the contents to the 4 characters "SAVE". (There are over 50 available Job Codes)

Then save and close Windows Notepad.


Middleware for Act! by Swiftpage will almost INSTANTLY ask Act! for the CURRENT LOOKUP of CONTACTS and it will STORE some core fields for the records into a Tab Delimited Text File.

It will be called;


As you can see, this DEMONSTRATES how POWERFUL & EASY Middleware is.

Add-On idea...

If you had looked up a bunch of contacts in Act! - and used that "SAVE" Job Code, the Exported File can prove extremely useful...

...because LATER (at any time) the complementary "LOAD" (job code) will cause Act! to create a New Current Lookup based on the contents of that ShortContactList file.

Which very simply means that you can easily SAVE the Current LookUp to RELOAD Later !!!

Or even create SAVED CONTACT LISTS that can be re-loaded at any time.


Middleware for Act! by Swiftpage invented by V8Software.com


Middleware for Act! by Swiftpage is a fresh, new and more versatile tool that totally improves the simplicity of MiddlewareSDK for Sage Act!